What Kylie Loves: dating your spouse.

TJ and I decided before we got married that we would not stop dating each other.
What we meant by that was, we believe it is important to be constantly getting to know one another.
By "dating," we are sure to set aside one time each week to focus on each other and do things we love to do together.

We don't always go out to eat, and dating doesn't have to cost any money.
Sometimes it's just taking a drive together,
Or playing games together.

Sometimes, it's keeping that feeling you had when dating alive. We often like to leave each other little notes. Just a post-it on the fridge or someplace unexpected can brighten your spouse's day. I like to write him encouraging notes on the mirror. He likes to leave me little notes on the grocery list.

For us, going on dates is a chance to experience new things together, a chance to recreate old memories, and a chance to create new memories as well. To us, dating each other is a mindset. I guess it's just our outlook on marriage. This has all been extremely important to our relationship, since we've had pretty much opposite schedules since we got married, and now it's worse than ever. We hardly see each other during the week, so it's important to do so when we can.

TJ is so good at planning dates and has surprised me on numerous occasions with the thought and effort he puts into dating me. We definitely plan on continuing to date each other when we have kids. I know things may change, but I think we'll value it even more as our lives continue to change.

So as we're living and learning and loving, we'll be dating and strengthening our marriage along the way.

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  1. I love this. It's something that Race and I really need to work on! And I will be looking at your past posts for ideas because you guys go on some great dates!


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