two whole years?!

[If you know that reference, you're Mormon and your parents were YA's in the '80s. Thankyouandgoodnight.]

Anyways....I'm pretty much a terrible wife because I forgot to remind my honey that yesterday was the two year anniversary of the day that he asked me to be his girlfriend. That's right ladies and gents, we've been "official" for 
Pretty nifty, eh?

I couldn't be happier that I said, 
"OK!" in my silly little voice,
on the back of his dad's pickup,
parked out by Lake Mary,
two years ago.
What a heckuva ride we were both in for!

And now, for some pictures from the actual weekend we started dating. My how young we look!
[My cheek looks fat all squished up on his shoulder lak that. And he ain't smilin'.] 

[Still ain't smilin'. Come on darlin'!] 

[There we go! Precious. Such baby faces.] 

Love you babe!
Now off to clean that teeny cave we call home....


  1. I need to clean my little bit bigger of a cave that we call home. And then have you and Aubree over for some sewing! My sisters-in-law, sisters, and I made shirts and headbands this weekend! It was super fun and I want to sew some more!

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  3. I like that plan!! I have some new inspiration :)


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