the weekend of Labor.

I don't feel like saying much, so here's the short & sweet version of our Labor Day weekend.
*I worked.
*We drove to Mesa.
*We hung out with our family.

*We played Wii. Hilarious videos from "Just Dance."
(Not sharing. Too embarassing.)
*Dad wore headband Mom bought.

*Came back to Flag in dang heat.
*Went shooting with friends.
*Oh yeah, we got a new car.
(Why we went to Mesa.)
*Had cookout with friends.
*It rained.

Good weekend :)


  1. That's so exciting that you got a new car! Our red car just decided it doesn't want to reverse anymore and we think the transmission is going out. Sooo we'll be in the market soon but for now it will just be the truck! {Do you guys still have your cute orange car?}

  2. I love shooting! But I have one question.. no ear protection?! Gah I would go deaf for sure... Ya'll are brave ;)


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