simple saturday night dinner.

On Saturday night, I wasn't feeling so great. I had intended to make pizza....homemade dough and everything. Instead, I decided to go back to one of my childhood favorites. Mom would make these when she and dad had date night. She sometimes used mini pitas, which was so fun for us kids. TJ loves them, and says our kids are going to be spoiled. 

I love making these with various toppings. Once I did Italian sausage and peppers and onions. These ones I went traditional and topped it with pepperoni and onions.

First, start off with pita bread. For some reason, I can only find it in halves. Oh well, still tastes the same. Put 'em on a cookie sheet.

Next, slice up some onions. Also (not pictured) open a can of regular tomato sauce and add some seasonings to it. I like salt & pepper and Italian seasoning.

Shred some mozarella cheese.

Layer everything on the pita. Sauce, cheese, onion, and pepperoni.

Bake in a 350* oven for about 10 minutes. You're basically just melting the cheese and toasting the bread.

For a healthy side, I sliced up the last of the summer squash that Emma gave me, and steamed it.

Pull the pizzas out when they're done and serve right away!

Yum. Get in mah bellay!

Let me know if you try it! It's so easy it can't even be considered cooking.
[PS, sorry for the weird coloring. It was nighttime and my kitchen has horrible lighting.]


  1. Mmm! These look delicious. And I will consider them cooking so that I feel good about my homemaking abilities when I make these for a meal. :] Haha. Also, I'm glad you got to use the summer squash! {Another way to use them is cut them up with some zucchini, potatoes, onions, garlic, whatever you want then toss them in a bowl with olive oil and whatever seasonings you like, throw them on a cookie sheet and cook them in the oven at I think about 400 degrees for almost a full hour. We've made that a couple of times and it's delicious. One of the times I used a ranch dressing packet for the seasoning and it was super good. {Sorry for the SUPER long comment!}

  2. You can get whole pita's at Trader Joe's. If you want me to get some, let me know =) I love you!!!

  3. Woah. Those look wayy good. I've never thought of putting squash on my pizza. Or using a pita. Good thinking, girl!

  4. Thanks mom! Thanks Emma and Chelsea! You should totally try it!


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