I know this song is probably old news by now, but TJ and I are currently loving this music video. It's just catchy. And the dancing is pretty much rad. Just ignore the skanky girl towards the end. She forgot to put all of her clothes on! Embarrassing.

Funny story time: Elaine, my co-student-teacher, told me that one of the boys in the class was singing this song.
"Everyday I'm shufflin'," he sang.
"Shufflin' shufflin'," Elaine responded.
"You know that song?!" he asked, shocked.

Haha! Gotta love the kiddos.


  1. Haha I know nothing about the popular music these days so this was new to me. Haha. I love it though!

  2. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! I introduced it to Stephen and he listens to it all the time now...glad we're not the only ones obsessed :)

  3. Love the way you put it, "Just ignore the skanky girl toward the end. She forgot to put all of her clothes on! Embarrassing."


    Oh goodness, that just made my day.


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