on blogging.

Some don't understand what it is that draws bloggers to blogging.

I guess it's not just one thing. There's just something intriguing about getting to know someone, even though you've never met in person. It's about finding that commonality that we all yearn for. To know that someone, somewhere, knows exactly how you feel. That feeling that you're not alone in this crazy planet.

Blogging let's you have a secret glimpse into the lives of others....but in a non-creepy way. It lets you talk to them; relate to them. Blogging is about sharing your story.

That's why I blog. I blog because I can record my thoughts, and my life. I blog because I can feel like I'm part of something bigger. I blog and I read blogs because I like feeling that sense of community that sometimes is lacking in real life. It's like having a neighbor you can say hello to and chat with for a few minutes.

Of course, there must be balance. I value my real-life relationships so so much. But I'm grateful for the online friendships that I've made, and hope to make even more. And maybe, for those I don't already know, I can someday meet face to face.


  1. Are you going to try and go to Busy Bee Lauren's party in December? It would be so fun to meet whatever bloggers show up there. :] And I completely agree with you on all aspects of your "on blogging" post.

  2. Kylie! I just wanted to let you know that I picked you for the versatile blogger award! You can check out my blog to find out more!


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