"God Gave Me You"

Sometimes, there are those songs that strike a chord deep down inside our souls.
This is one of those songs.

It is a delicate balance, knowing what to share on this blog. Knowing what should be kept personal.
But in the spirit of being honest, TJ and I do not have a perfect marriage.

(Shocker, I know.)

However, I am a firm believer that we have trials and hardships to make us stronger.
Lets, just say....we are stronger than ever.
We are more loving and considerate than ever before.
We cherish every touch, every kiss.
We cherish every moment we have together.

This last weekend, we had a lot of heart to hearts. Laid everything out on the table.
We got to know each other again.
We prayed together. Talked to our Father together.
We also received some very wise counsel from a man we both trust.
Counsel that left us reassured in our plans for now, and for the future.

Our life together is constantly changing. As is the nature of life.
But we keep learning.
And loving.

Always loving.


  1. I love this Kylie. And it's amazing how much life changes every time we think we have it all planned and figured out.

  2. Thanks Emma :) I know the feeling.


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