[Celebrate] Episode 8

19. Learn how to make a cute skirt.

A couple of weeks ago, I learned how to make a cute skirt. Emma helped me and allowed me to use her sewing machine, following this tutorial. And then I had to rip out half the seams to fix it (because I made the pocket openings too small, and I messed up the casing for the waistband). So that is why I'm just now posting about it. I kindly asked TJ to take some pics for me. And he willingly obliged. He likes to play photographer sometimes.

I made mine longer than it says to in the tutorial. And not as full.

I also added the pockets. I want to wear this one to school, and I just love pockets.

TJ suggested the following pose. I wish I had a picture of him modeling it. Also, my mouth looks awkward. (Let's see how many times I can use the word "awkward" in one post. OK? OK.)

I have to say, I felt really awkward posing out in front of my parents' house. But TJ helped me to loosen up.

Again, his suggestion. He said, "Do sexy lips. Like *this* (models sexy lips)." I also like how it looks like I have only one leg. It's just the epitome of awkward.

Anyways, I love wearing this skirt! I got the fabric on sale. It's just a quilter's cotton (I think it was $2.50/yd) and I bought two yards, but had a lot left over. I felt like a lady, wearing this outfit to church. And I was proud of my creation. I am so excited to make more clothes. I even asked for a sewing machine for graduation.

[PS: I used Ashley's tutorial for the top knot, and my flower brooch is actually a hairpiece from my friend's shop. The shrug is one mi hermana gave me, and the belt and earrings are borrowed from my mom and sister. Belt and undershirt are DownEast Basics. Hey I guess this is kinda like an outfit post!]

The end.


  1. This is totally an outfit post and I LOVE it! The skirt looks so cute with a belt and the rest of your outfit just made it all perfect! Also, you pull of the top knot wonderfully!

  2. I love it! *Claps* good for you, I'm not brave enough to follow a tutorial yet...


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