[Celebrate] Episode 7

6. Go on a date to First Friday Art Walk downtown.

I asked him on a date. I left this sticky note on his bedside table so he'd see it when he got home from work late that night. He left his answer on the bathroom mirror for me to see the next morning.

First Friday Art Walk is a really cool community experience in Flagstaff. All of the art studios and shops downtown stay open a little later and some even serve crackers and cheese. 

There are also a lot of street performers like this bluegrass group.

We ate ourselves some Black Bean (local burrito place) for dinner. This time we tried the Cilantro Lime Pesto Chicken wrap. Not too shabby, but our favorite is still the Green Chili Chicken.

Some random things we saw:
*Not one, but two people pushing dogs in little doggy strollers. Ridiculous.
*Discovered a new little indoor marketplace area we never knew existed.
*Lots and lots of hippies. Welcome to Flagstaff.
*Lots of other interesting people.

We ended our date by meeting some friends for frozen yogurt at a new place in town: Yogurt U. It was soooo good. We got dulce de leche, pomegranate raspberry, and a touch of vanilla with some candy bar and almonds for toppings. Then we went back to our friends' apartment and watched Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Date Night = Success.


  1. What a perfect date night! Race and I have never been to the Friday Night Art Walk together. How much longer do they go for?

  2. I think it's every month. The first one we went to was cold! It was in December....

  3. Awww! This is totally adorable :) I may steal the "Check yes or no" Idea ;)


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