a little girl.

This song speaks to me. In so many ways.
It reminds me of simpler times.
Of playing pretend, of dreaming about growing up.
I was always dreaming. Always coming up with these amazing adventures in my head.
I loved to play pretend. I loved to get lost in new worlds through books.

I still love to dream. My dreams are a little bit different, but not much.
I still dream of flying, but in metaphorical ways. I still "play house,"
but now it's real.

Now my dreams consist of raising a little family. Of fulfilling my God-given role.
Of going on more adventures than I could've dreamed of as a little girl.
Except now, I'm striving to live those dreams each day.

I'm still that little girl.

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  1. Love this. Thanks for sharing! :]
    I love seeing how our dreams change and come true as our lives progress.


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