What Kylie Loves: Date Night.

I kinda forgot about this "weekly" feature. Oops.

So this week, I love date night.
I love good food. I love local.
I love cheap.

We went to dinner at Greek Islands. It's an amazing little hole-in-the-wall just south of the tracks off of San Fransisco. We went there on the recommendation of a friend, but TJ was wary (he's not a huge fan of Greek). It was so good. We had a hummus plate with the most amazing pita bread, all warm and toasty. Then we shared a ginormous Gyro Classic, with a side of fries. And all in all, cost about $11. Nice.

Some photos from this weekend's date night. Courtesy of the iPod.
[Just happened to catch this epic-looking face. And he finally got a haircut!] 


[It's literally right by the tracks. And I didn't add any filters to this one. The light was that good.] 

[Those are my mountains.]

[And that is a naturally hot pink sunset. Don't you wish your sunsets were naturally hot pink?]

 [Date night = Happy Kylie]

After dinner, we went to Safeway to get some brownie mix. Stopped by PetSmart to see the cuties and long for the day we can adopt. Went home, made brownies, and watched Sabrina. [Edit: I should mention that I'm referring to the Harrison Ford Sabrina, the movie? It's such a classic.] A favorite chick flik that we now have in common (shhh, don't tell anyone).

Oh, and I love TJ.


  1. ooh I love cheap and I love food.
    I want myself a date night now, it's been too long!

    And Sabrina! I totally forgot about that show, I think I will try to get it on Netflix tonight, I loved that show!

  2. do you remember the Gyro place we went to when you were younger? It was on Country Club? I was pretty skeptical too about trying a new place and Greek. It was good, though. Glad you guys liked the new place =)
    LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. SO did you guys just eat the brownie mix or actually make brownies?! Ha.. I usually end up with only HALF a bath of brownies when I make 'em ;)

  4. Mikelle- Just do it! Date night is the best night of the week. And just to clarify, I wasn't referring to Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Although that was one of my favorite shows.

    Mom- Of course I remember. It was my first experience with Greek food :)

    Ariana- THIS time, it made it into the pan. But it doesn't always ;)


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