A dangerous pastime, I know.
Today was my "last" day at my student job.
[I'll work a few hours here and there.]
My boss surprised me by taking me to lunch at 1899
[a really nice restaurant on campus].
I'm going to miss her and her wisdom.

On Monday, I start my job that I get to pay for 
[aka student teaching].
It's kind of foreign to me doesn't seem real yet.
Even though some things about teaching do not appeal to me,
I am looking forward to this experience.
I absolutely love learning and I love kids.
And after this semester....
I graduate.
I get a "grown-up" job.
And become a bit more of an adult.

I'm grateful for the opportunity I've had to go to college.
I've learned so much about so many aspects of life.
And I'm ready for the adventures to come.


  1. Good luck with student teaching! You are going to be an amazing teacher. :] Those kids are lucky to have you. Also, I like the Beauty and the Beast reference at the beginning of this post. Haha.

  2. Haha I was thinking exactly what Emma said, but seriously, you are going to do fantastically and I can't wait to hear all about it! I'll miss seeing you around, so we'll have to do lots of reunions :)

  3. Thanks guys :) And I agree we will have to do lots of get-togethers!

  4. Oh how exciting! Sometimes I don't like "growing up" and I just graduated from college at BYU but it has to happen! Good luck student teaching so fun!

    Ashley Sloan

  5. Thanks Ashley :) I guess the growing up never stops!


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