Pasta Salad.

I made this salad for dinner the other night, and was able to have leftovers in my lunch for the first two days of school. I love it because it's so versatile!

First, boil some water. Add salt (to flavor the pasta).

Next, cook the pasta per package instructions. I like to use rotini, but any pasta would work. Except orzo. Don't use that.

Now, chop some vegetables. This time, I used a couple of carrots, half a cucumber, some red onion, and a red bell pepper. Oh, and I also cut some mozarella into cubes. I sometimes throw in a diced tomato (if I'm making it to share...not a huge tomato fan). I would also throw in some sliced olives, but TJ doesn't like them.

After the pasta has cooked and cooled, mix all of the ingredients together.

Now, poor on some storebought Italian dressing. Or homemade. I happened to have this, and it works great. I don't have an exact measurement....just as much or as little as you like.

The best thing to do is to let it refrigerate for an hour or so, but I was starving so I served it up right away. I also chopped up a piece of lunchmeat to put in it. My mom has done grilled I said, it's versatile.

Mmm. The perfect summer salad.


  1. I love pasta salad--especially because of its versatility. And I like that you can make it out of random things you have left in your fridge.

  2. I totally agree - pasta salads are very very easy, the pictures of yours look totally delectable :)


  3. Emma- And to think when I was young I thought it was confined to the boiled egg and mayo variety.

    Ariana- Thanks! You should try it yourself :)


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