it's nights like tonight.

It's nights like tonight when I wish he were here. 
We would sit and relax on the couch. He with remote in hand, and me at the computer.
Then, I'd snuggle up next to him.
He'd want a mooch.
So we'd kiss, and then go out on the porch and watch the rain.
Deciding the porch isn't great for snuggling, we'd move to our room,
where we'd lay on our bed,
window open, lights out,
and watch the monsoon move across the mountain.

It's nights like tonight when I wish TJ didn't work nights.
But it's nights like tonight that make me grateful he works so hard.
For us, for our future.
It's nights like tonight that make the nights we're together
all the sweeter.

[And now for some cheesy but cute photobooth pictures:]


  1. I love your photo booth photos! Definitely more cute than cheesy! I love your face in the last one. :] You two are so cute. Also, Race and I want to hang out with you guys sometime!

  2. Thanks! And we should definitely hang out :)


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