Flagstaff has a beautiful downtown area. There are some great shops and restaurants and the residential part has tree-lined streets. As part of our date night a few weeks back, we took a little walk and took a few photos. I absolutely love downtown areas for their charm and character. 

I've also always held a love for old cars, especially trucks. When we were young, my siblings and I invented a little game inspired by our dad. Every time we were in the car and saw an "old car," we'd shout, "OCA! OCA!" [Old Car Alert]. It was just a silly game, sorta like slugbug, but we enjoyed it. And now, when I see old cars, I think of that childhood memory.


  1. What a beautiful house! I just love front shape of it (also love that pic of the old car!)

  2. I love silly little memories like that!

  3. Thanks guys! And thank you for stopping by :)


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