copy cat.

Lauren asked this question on her blog:
If your love story was made into a movie, who would be you? and your significant other?

I've thought about this before, and I already know who would play TJ.

OK, I know these pictures don't show the resemblance exactly, but trust me....more than one person has pointed out the similarity. A lady at work even asked why his wife [me...duh.] was on the beach with Tom Cruise. I have no qualms with this confusion! They both be mighty fine.

As for me....I don't really know. I don't know of an actress that looks like me. I had a teacher tell me once that Charlize Theron would be great based on my "personality and integrity." [I took that as a huge compliment.]
She's gorgeous, so that's fine by me!

Much to my disapproval, TJ once told me that I look like Kristen Stewart. His sister was watching one of the Twilight movies, and he said we make similar facial expressions. I think it's the fact that when I'm thinking, I look mad like she does. And the fact that my jaw is pretty prominent.

I hate to admit he might be right. 

Anyways, I just thought this was a fun's fun to think about your story becoming famous. I'd like to think we have lots of action.....whirlwind romance, near death experiences, the works! It would definitely be a romantic comedy. 
Who would play you in your love-story-turned-movie? Based on looks or on personality?


  1. I have no idea who would play me or Race! I'll have to think about this one. :]

    I can see the similarities between TJ and Tom Cruise in the pictures. Nice! Haha. And I can kinda see them between you and Kristen Stewart but honestly, you are much prettier! You should definitely stick with Charlize Theron to play you. :]

    And I would love to watch a movie about your story. It would be so cute!

  2. I think you kinda look like Alexis Bledel to me.
    I dunno who would play ours, maybe I'd have Lauren Graham or Jennifer Garner play me.
    I asked Mac who would be him and he chose a young John Wayne:)

  3. Thanks Emma! Yours would be super cute too!
    Carissa....thanks for the flattery! Alexis Bledel is way pretty :)


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