cellphone & iPod snapshots.

[My wedding shoes. I think about my wedding day every time I wear them.] 

[Sigh. Monsoon clouds.] 

[The AZ Cardinals practice at NAU. I got to make their meal cards :P] 

[A painting I did for my sister-in-law for her birthday.] 

[Yummy YogurBerry in Anthem at the Outlet Malls. I needed jeans. And it is dang good.] 

[TJ with our friend's baby Gavin at the Eyring's Taco Sunday in Mesa.] 

[Oh, you know. Just what I see every day.] 


[A rainy day last week.] 

[Alisa, one of my Sunbeams, at our ward campout. She's so stinkin' cute!]

[My new favorite shoes and a sneak peek of the skirt I made. I felt pretty cute.] 

[My hott (with two t's) husband at his parents' for dinner. I love that shirt.] 

["Aunt" Michelle's birthday cake/cupcake tower.] 

[Happy birthday (today!) Aunt Michelle!!] 

[Cute bag of cookies from my Sunbeam, Nathan. Again, adorable.]

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