cell phone snapshots.

Sometimes I wish I had a smartphone (*cough* iPhone *cough*). Mostly, I'd want one for the camera on hand at all times. Right now, we don't feel as though smartphones are within our budget, so we both have super basic cell phones. They do still have cameras (just no cool editing apps or great quality)! And I appreciate what I have for the time being.

So, here are some snapshots from my basic, bottom line, cell phone.
[April 2010, on the trip down to Mesa for my bridal shower.] 

 [A couple of weeks ago, on my way home from Target on the bike.]

 [Last week at work. Beautiful flower brooch/hairpiece from the Apple Avenue.]

 [A teeny wild bunny at TJ's work. I want a baby bunny!]

 [A while back, I opened the cupboard door to find the hot cocoa stuck to the door. High gloss paint will do the trick! Haha!]

[A home just after last year's tornados in Belmont.] 

[Us from our dating days. Precious.] 

[Flowers from my amazing friend & visiting teacher, Janina, after my accident.] 

 [My worst visible injury after aforementioned accident. Note: that's the inside of my knee.]

 [A snowstorm last winter.]

[TJ's cousin Zach's little boy, Tryp. He was so funny and kept getting into this box every time we took him out. Cutie!]

[TJ's cousin Rhet's little girl, Bailee. He was babysitting her while she was sick and her mommy and daddy both had tests to take. Poor thing!]

[A shot of the Peaks, up at Snowbowl. Taken by TJ on a motorcycle ride.]

Even though it's not great quality, and I don't have any cool apps to use on my phone, I like the simple snapshots of everyday life. Maybe this will have to be a regular series.


  1. I feel honored my flowers made your blog. I still owe you that pie!!!

  2. Haha don't worry too much about it. You have a little man to take care of now! Maybe in the future though...it would give us an excuse to come see your new house!

  3. fun shots! except the knee of course, hope that's healing fast!

    Love the bunny especially :) so cute.


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