[Celebrate] Episode 5

17. Make a yummy salad to share at dinner with TJ.

[sorry, no picture. too tired and lazy today.]

[It was basically this: romaine lettuce, cucumber, red bell pepper, seasoned black beans, mozarella cubes, cilantro, with chicken & vinaigrette I picked up at Chipotle. Yes, I ordered just two sides of chicken and a salad dressing. I don't care what the girl I ordered from thought. Yes, I may be lazy, but I was also short on time! And then I took the salad to TJ's work. And we partook. And behold, it was good.]

However, sometime this weekend, I'll be posting a "recipe" for a really good pasta salad that I made last night. Yum. Plus, I have to share a little bit about my first day of school.

 Oh, and the best part about sharing the dinner goods? The fact that I got to share them with this really hotttt guy....

This post is so scattered. I apologize. Good bed. I mean, I'm going to night. 

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