[Celebrate] Episode 4

2. Take a walk with just me and the camera.

I was feeling the need to get outside and exercise my camera. The light was perfect, and my short walk helped me to notice the little details around me. Once again, I absolutely love Flagstaff, especially in the summertime.


  1. Gorgeous Kylie! Your photos make me want a nice camera someday. I love the little things that you find beautiful. And I can never say enough how much I love Flagstaff too. It's such a nice place. I really hope that we can all end up here someday.

  2. Beautiful post, made me feel LIKE I WAS THERE :)

    Is the 2nd to last picture olives? Ha.. just curious

  3. Emma- Thanks! I agree :)

    Ariana- Thank you :) And no, they are just some random berries on a random bush.


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