30 Days of Celebration.

    I mentioned her not too long ago, but I just love the philosophy of Alycia over at Crowley Party. Well then, my good friend and college roomie, Emma, alerted me to this great idea by Alexis. So, I decided to put my own spin on this challenge, and make a list of thirty things to do to celebrate life. Some of these were inspired by Emma and Alexis, and some I came up with that are just for me. Some of these are to help me be healthier, exercise creativity, relax, and serve others. If you decide to do this too, be sure to let me know! [Also, some of these I've done since I started writing this post, so they count.]

    1. Go for a run.

    2. Take a walk with just me and the camera.

    3. Make our bed and put a mint on each pillow. [This may be difficult when TJ wakes up after I do...]

    4. Read a book while taking a bath. 

    5. Make a new wreath for our front door.

    6. Go on a date to First Friday Art Walk downtown.

    7. Have a bonfire with friends.

    8. Find one way to serve someone.

    9. Play Lego Star Wars with TJ.

    10. Ride the ski lift up at Snowbowl.

    11. Go for a drive with TJ and make a playlist of our favorite songs for the ride.

    12. Go for a motorcycle ride out to Lake Mary.

    13. Buy myself a new pair of everyday flats.

    14. Paint a picture.

    15. Plan a surprise date night for TJ.

    16. Give myself a new pedicure/manicure.....maybe even soak my feet!

    17. Make a yummy salad to share at dinner with TJ.

    18. Make treats for my Sunbeams.

    19. Learn how to make a cute skirt.

    20. Make a gift for someone I normally wouldn't think to give one to.

    21. Finish re-decorating the living room. 

    22. Organize one area of our home.

    23. Take ten minutes to focus on meditating.

    24. Go stargazing.

    25. Organize a new monthly budget. [for peace of mind about our new work situation]

    26. Make one person feel beautiful today.

    27. Physically write in my "real" journal today. [something I should do more....blogging is just easier.]

    28. Study my scriptures for thirty minutes.

    29. Go to the library and check out a new book.

    30. Attend a football game and enjoy it!

    It may take me longer than a month, but I can't wait to cross more off the list. It's time to re-focus :)


    1. Love it Kylie! And I might have to steal some of your awesome ideas!

    2. Howdy! -I'm a total blog stalker, found you through Alexis (who I don't know in real life either)

      BUT ANYWAY! I wanted to stop by and say hey because your blog is extra fun to read :)

      Check me out!

    3. oh my gosh! good job girlfriend! I seriously love it! Love the mint on the pillow! Make one person feel beautiful! I love them all! thanks for sharing with me! :)

    4. I will be doing this at one point :) That's why I love making bucket lists and stuff--it gets you to do more spontaneous things and feel accomplished doing even the randomest activities! :)

    5. Emma, Ariana, & Alexis, thank you! You're all so sweet :)

      Katie, I totally agree....and I'm actually doing pretty good on this one!


    Thanks for reading! I love reading your thoughts, too :)