1 & 2. Roots and details from the Sky Ride.
3. Beautiful flowers from my mother-in-law for my first day of student teaching a couple weeks ago.

Life is beautiful.

What Kylie Loves: Date Night.

I kinda forgot about this "weekly" feature. Oops.

So this week, I love date night.
I love good food. I love local.
I love cheap.

We went to dinner at Greek Islands. It's an amazing little hole-in-the-wall just south of the tracks off of San Fransisco. We went there on the recommendation of a friend, but TJ was wary (he's not a huge fan of Greek). It was so good. We had a hummus plate with the most amazing pita bread, all warm and toasty. Then we shared a ginormous Gyro Classic, with a side of fries. And all in all, cost about $11. Nice.

Some photos from this weekend's date night. Courtesy of the iPod.
[Just happened to catch this epic-looking face. And he finally got a haircut!] 


[It's literally right by the tracks. And I didn't add any filters to this one. The light was that good.] 

[Those are my mountains.]

[And that is a naturally hot pink sunset. Don't you wish your sunsets were naturally hot pink?]

 [Date night = Happy Kylie]

After dinner, we went to Safeway to get some brownie mix. Stopped by PetSmart to see the cuties and long for the day we can adopt. Went home, made brownies, and watched Sabrina. [Edit: I should mention that I'm referring to the Harrison Ford Sabrina, the movie? It's such a classic.] A favorite chick flik that we now have in common (shhh, don't tell anyone).

Oh, and I love TJ.

[Celebrate] Episode 6

10. Ride the ski lift up at Snowbowl.

Today, I have a semi-long tale for you. Don't worry, it's mostly lots of pitchurz.

Once upon a time, it was a Saturday. Well, two people who were very in love did not see much of each other during the week. Therefore, they greatly valued their weekends together. The girl had made a list of fun things to do. The boy had not read the list. But, the boy knew the girl soooo well, that he had planned to do many of the things on her list. So, on said Saturday, he told her of his plans to take her on an adventure! 

The girl was sure to bring her camera along to document the fun. And to wear a cute headband.

Their destination loomed in the distance.

And they enjoyed the scenic drive, considering it part of the adventure.

They purchased their tickets, waited in line, and after a slightly nerve-wracking boarding...they were off on their ride!

It seemed that the higher up the mountain they went, the taller the trees became. They wondered if they were headed into the land of the giants. But not really.

The girl enjoyed the scenery...all of it.

They wore only suitable footwear for the experience. He donned Vans, and she donned fake-Vans.

Higher and higher they climbed. All while nestled in their little hanging chair.

And higher still.

They saw the Bowl.

And a rock slide. Whether natural or man-made, they did not know.

And more trees. There were lots of those.

Finally, they had reached the top! They got off the lift and took a gander to see what they could see.

At the summit, their height was 11,500 feet above sea level. When the boy recounted the experience later to his family, he excitedly exclaimed that they had reached a height of "Eleventy-five hundred feet!" And all who heard laughed merrily at his blunder.

It was pointed out to them that the South Rim of the great Grand Canyon was visible from their height.

They asked a kind stranger to take their picture. And the slope was such that it made the boy look to be much taller than the girl. Which he was not. And the wind was such that it made the girl's hair look to be a mess. Which it didn't used to be when they left.

And then, to document that they had certainly seen it, they took a picture at the Highest Toilet in Arizona. Surely one of the highlights of their adventures.

A thin rope separated the spectators from the slippery slope of doom.

The views were simply breathtaking.

This sign made the girl a little nervous as they waited in line to descend the mount.

The couple would steal kisses when a few chairs passed without passengers. They enjoyed being silly and waving to the others as they ascended.

They saw a mysterious box going up. They assumed it to be rations for the lift operator at the top.

Then, the girl asked the boy to take her picture. For her blog of course. So he did.

And then he didn't stop at just one, so she tried to stop him...confused.

But he wouldn't! So she was sad.

And then she got angry....

And then she died a gruesome and terrifying death.

Not really. She just decided to ignore him. So he stopped.

Shortly after, they reached the bottom.

And they drove home and shared some orange chicken. 
And they declared their adventure to be good.
The end.

cellphone & iPod snapshots.

[My wedding shoes. I think about my wedding day every time I wear them.] 

[Sigh. Monsoon clouds.] 

[The AZ Cardinals practice at NAU. I got to make their meal cards :P] 

[A painting I did for my sister-in-law for her birthday.] 

[Yummy YogurBerry in Anthem at the Outlet Malls. I needed jeans. And it is dang good.] 

[TJ with our friend's baby Gavin at the Eyring's Taco Sunday in Mesa.] 

[Oh, you know. Just what I see every day.] 


[A rainy day last week.] 

[Alisa, one of my Sunbeams, at our ward campout. She's so stinkin' cute!]

[My new favorite shoes and a sneak peek of the skirt I made. I felt pretty cute.] 

[My hott (with two t's) husband at his parents' for dinner. I love that shirt.] 

["Aunt" Michelle's birthday cake/cupcake tower.] 

[Happy birthday (today!) Aunt Michelle!!] 

[Cute bag of cookies from my Sunbeam, Nathan. Again, adorable.]