Sometimes words frustrate me. I can't always find the right ones to describe how I'm feeling. It seems like I can be eloquent when I'm writing about something I feel, but I lack the storytelling capabilities I want when I document our life together. I know that the documenting is what's important, but I have this desire to actual tell the story of our life. I suppose that it will just take practice. I want this blog to be not only my creative outlet, but my journal. I love blogging for simple fact that I can do it anywhere I have a computer, and I can include pictures to help me tell my story. I hope that as I grow and learn and discover, I can record it on the interwebs and someday look back. I want to tell my story. I hope to blog more about the little day-to-day things that make me happy, the things that I am grateful for. I think this will help me to live my life a little more purposefully, and help me to realize my little blessings. So, here are a few words about a small, tiny moment in time where I felt completely happy.


There we were, sitting by the lake, a gorgeous, dark grey sky in beautiful contrast to the red dirt and red cliffs that surrounded us. The smell of fresh rain perfumed the air, the same rain which had cooled the scorching day into a pleasantly cooler evening. Uncle Michael sat in a camping chair, with the rest of us sitting the same in a circle. He strummed an old guitar and sang in his gruff tones songs about so many things. Some were sad, some brought on waves of memories. One, he sang for little Annie....a song about a boy who didn't want the little girl to tag along, and then ended up not bearing to leave her side. We laughed at the song about the man who ran out of tortillas. I sat there, looking at the faces of my family, and marveling at how much I loved each and every person sitting there. TJ had his head in my lap and I held him close. As the sun set, I got up to take a picture of the beautiful sky-painting and the people who surrounded me. Yet, I knew that the true essence of this moment could not be captured by a camera, but had to remain in my heart, to be remembered  at another time when I sensed I was partaking of a perfect moment.

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  1. I love this story Kylie. You really are quite eloquent with your words. I can picture this perfect scene. It brings to my mind memories of perfect moments like these that I have had with my family. I have tried to capture them on camera before too and it just doesn't quite capture everything you are feeling...I wish it did but the memory is enough and writing it down always helps it remain in your memory for longer. There are things I wish I had written down but didn't and this reminds me to really cherish those moments and write them down to always have them with me.


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