Sacramento, Part 5.

After getting home from the temple, we still had a few families we needed to see. We said goodbye to the Eichstaedt's first. As we drove away, we both had knots in our throats and were a little misty-eyed. I said, "It's amazing how close you can get to people in just a few days."

Julie Orube is another of TJ's converts. She and Stephanie were baptized. Then, not too long ago, Julie's mother and one of her sisters were also baptized. She has also been through the temple. It's amazing the influence one person can have on hundreds of others around them. I love this testimony that the Gospel is true. Such a good family!

Then we went to the Mangelson's. Pam is Scot Benton's sister. This family was also really close to TJ. They fed him, made him brownies when he hurt his shoulder, and attacked him with silly string when they found out he wasn't leaving their area. They are a funny family!

And this is Donna Eichstaedt. She is an amazing young woman!

We were scheduled to fly out on Wednesday evening, but we left Rescue on Wednesday morning to head to Sacramento. Sharon was the only one there when we said goodbye. We love the Benton family so much and were so grateful for their amazing hospitality and making us feel like family! 

(Don't mind my lack of makeup and messy hair.)

After leaving Rescue, we headed to the outlet malls in Folsom. We got some great deals. I got new jeans at Gap for 1/2 price, and we each got a shirt at Pac Sun for a total of $11. We also shared a yummy shaved ice. Then, we drove to the rental car place in Sacramento to drop our car off (around 2). TJ's friend Dustin Bankston came to pick us up and take us to the airport. First though, we went to Chipotle (love me some burrito bowl) and Leatherby's for dessert. Once at the airport, we had a two hour wait, but it went by quickly.
We got this little treat to share (even though we were still full from lunch....the smell got to us). It wasn't as good as it smelled/looked, but that's okay. Can't win them all! Once we landed in Phoenix (around 9), my brother picked us up in our car and we drove straight to Flagstaff. The next morning, we headed to Lake Powell with my family (another post for another day).

Overall, we had a wonderful time in Sacramento. I'm grateful that we had the opportunity to go. We are already looking forward to going back someday soon!

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