Sacramento, Part 4.

Back through Sacramento we drove, and stopped at the Turley's. They are such a fun family, but we didn't get a picture! Bro. Turley actually picked us up from the airport (which we're so grateful for). TJ helped their daughter Mindi while he was in the singles ward in their area. We had a great visit with them (lots of laughs!) and they fed us really good homemade ice cream (another great way to cool off!). Then they kindly let us change into our Sunday best before we left for the Sacramento Temple.

As are all of the temples, this one was so beautiful. I absolutely loved the gorgeous Celestial Room. There is nothing I love more than sitting on a couch in the Celestial Room with TJ's arm around me, talking quietly about the things that matter most, and feeling his lips as they press against my forehead. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world. We were so lucky to meet another special man that TJ knew on his mission, Bro. Leafty, who was working at the front desk. As soon as he recognized TJ, he clasped both of our hands, and raised mine to his lips to give it a kiss. He stole my heart immediately with his humility and beautiful spirit. He told me to let him know if TJ ever treats me wrong. I laughed quietly and assured him I would, although I doubt I'll see him again in this life. TJ said that he has such a bad back, he has to sleep vertically, strapped into a bed on the wall.

TJ and I have been blessed to have many special experiences in the Temple. It has truly strengthened our marriage and made me a better person. I always tell TJ that I love him for many reasons, but mostly because he took me to the temple, and he continues to take me back. I'm grateful we had the opportunity to attend a temple that holds so much significance to TJ and his life. It now holds a special place and both of our hearts.

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