Sacramento, Part 2.

One evening, we went to downtown Sac. Then, we walked through the mall and under the freeway to Old Sacramento. I am ashamed to admit that I wasn't the best sport about it, and may have almost ruined the evening. (I don't do well when I'm really hot and sweaty and tired. Call me a pansy, it's just the truth.) Once I sucked it up and got my act together (and the sun started to go down) it was a lot of fun! Old Sac has a bunch of cool little shops, candy stores, and sights to see. I had fun taking pictures of course. I really like the bottom middle one of TJ. I love the backlighting, the riverboat, and the pyramid-ish building in the background.

Sunday, the 3rd, was my birthday. We played it low-key. Sharon made a yummy strawberry shortcake in honor of my day. After attending the Rescue Ward on Sunday, we chilled at "home" for a bit, then headed over to the Eichstaedts' home (for the second time). The Eichstaedts are a very special family to TJ. They were some of his converts on his mission. He taught them. He was at their baptism. And then, he was at the temple with them when they were sealed together as a forever family. They became family to him while he was there. They are a very loving family, with a hodge-podge of children. As Jeanelle (mom) put it, "Our family is so mixed anyways, that it hardly matters who is blood related anymore." We definitely felt like family. 
On this night, Fred (dad) had set up the huge family tent in the backyard, run a power cord out to it, and set up the big screen TV, with air mattresses and blankets inside. We watched the movie while eating popcorn, cheeto puffs, and sour gummy worms.

[From top left, to bottom right: Hailey, Alice, Joshua, Fred, Elizabeth, Jeanelle...don't know where Donna and Ava were.]

Oh! And the Benton boys came too. Scot (left) and Alex (right) are both 16, and acted just like our little brothers. 

[If you haven't seen it yet, here's part one.]

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