hey guys....

....my little sister is seriously the sweetest girl ever. Check out this adorable post she did wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you so much Tinners! It made me cry. I love you so much and I'm so lucky to have you as my best friend! In case those of you reading did not know, Kyndra and I almost share a birthday. We are five years and one day apart. I was born July 3rd, and she's a firecracker baby...born on the 4th! We've always had fun sharing birthday things, except for this year when I was out of town for her Sweet 16! (I felt bad for missing it, but it couldn't be avoided....plus I was having lots of fun in Cali.)

I love you tons and tons.
Drive safely. (Since you now have your license.)
Keep the boys away with a big stick. (Since you can date now.)
Don't forget I'm just a phone call or text away.
And thanks for the memories.
Here's to a million more.
Sisters forever!

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  1. yea, her post made me cry too! =)
    I love you!!!!!!!


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