hello Lake Powell.

Hello Lake Powell. We were so excited to see our family!

Hello Monument Valley and big fluffy clouds.

Hello teeny tiny LDS church in Mexican Hat, Utah.

Hello valley that we drove across.

Hello crazy switchbacks that we also drove up. In a rather large truck.

Hello lovely family photo taken on the self-timer.

Hello man and man's best friend.

Hello gorgeous sunset.

 Hello campsite. Hello second use ever of our tent.

 Hello sky.

Hello beautiful cousin Brianna. Hello Kyndra's super cute hat.

Hello parents and Aunt Tanya making breakfast. Hello yummy quinoa pancakes.

 Hello handsome. You be lookin' mighty fine.

 Hello crazies. Hello us. Hello cute hat borrowed from Kyndra.

 Hello me holding beautiful Brianna. Hello the fact that I look great holding a baby, if I do say so myself.

Hello deliciously stormy sky. You make pretty pictchurrz.

Hello beautiful clouds. Hello red rocks.

Hello cousins and Uncle Bryan. Hello "cliff jumping": aka jumping off the big rock.

 Hello spaz-boy. Or Sheldon. Whichever.

 Hello cute photo-op.

 Hello Uncle Michael. Hello guitar-time.

Hello cutie cousin Annie listening to your song.

Hello family listening and visiting.

Hello beautiful Aunt Tanya. Thank you for all you did to pull this off!

Hello family, stormy sky, and kids playing in the water from dawn till dusk.

Hello beautiful sunset, we meet again.

Hello wonderful family. Hello sweet memories.

We really enjoyed our "unofficial" family reunion with my Dad's side of the family. We all camped it out, with a gas powered generator and a portable camping toilet at our disposal. Uncle David and Uncle Michael/Aunt Betty both had boats. We got to go wakeboarding twice. On our second time out, I finally got up and stayed up for a long time! It was very exciting. It was flippin' hot, so we did everything we could to keep cool. One of my favorite ways was floating on one of the mesh rafts that Aunt Betty brought with a big floppy hat and sunglasses on. We loved seeing our family and spending time at the beautiful lake. 

(On a side note, all of the pictures from the one of TJ & the dog on down are straight out of camera. No post processing whatsoever. Not too shabby!)


  1. Sweet pictures! Looks like a fun trip:)

  2. P.S. you DO look fabulous holding a baby ;)


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