"Crazy Girl"

There's a reason I love country music. Actually, there are several.
Reason No. 1: It's usually super relevant to my life. From the little things, like a kiss goodnight, to the super crazy and emotionally trying things like a second chance at life, to the just overall make you feel good to be alive moments.

Sometimes, things are said best with a song. TJ is KING of finding songs that we just fall in love with together. Songs that are real, and totally apply to us. This song by the Eli Young Band is one such song. It reminds [me] especially that even when we have a fight and one of us may need to leave and cool off, it doesn't mean we don't still love each other. This crazy life we live is so imperfect, and there are times when I just want to scream out of frustration. But I know he loves me no matter what happens. And he knows I love him right back. So enjoy "Crazy Girl" from someone who's a crazy girl herself.

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