Finding the Good.

This cute blogger has a great philosophy on life. She says that life should be a party and if you look for the good, you will find it.

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Today I went to work, which was a little boring. However, I got to talk with a coworker and hear a little about her life. I love getting to know people better, bit by bit.

When  I came home, I took a nap, which felt good. Then I went to the store to get a few groceries for dinner. The various ingredients turned into turkey cheeseburgers in pita bread with spinach and hummus. Sounds weird, but it was really good. Off dinner went in a brown paper sack to TJ's work, where we got to eat together. Our kiss goodbye was my favorite part. I never get tired of kissing that boy.

On my drive home, I stopped at the craft store and picked up some canvases and paint. It's that time again. I also dropped by Bookman's to trade in a book...and found some treasures for my future babies.

Speaking of babies, I also just found out that my good friend Janina welcomed her little man into the world today. That's the second one this started with Brooke on Sunday (during which time we got to babysit her firstborn). I am so happy for them, and even if I am a bit jealous, I know my time will come.

Today was a simple day, and there were some bad parts that I left out...but this is about finding the good! Today I found the good in the simple things.

[Here's another simple thing that makes me happy: a picture of a beautiful flower I saw yesterday on a walk.]

"Moments are the molecules that make up eternity."
-Elder Neal A. Maxwell

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