I have a habit of doodling. Especially when I'm in class, listening to a lecture or discussion. Sometimes, taking notes is not beneficial to me, so I doodle. Oftentimes, the doodles are actually relevant to the content of what I'm listening to. It's a habit I think I get from my mother, who always doodles when she's on the phone.

Here are a few of my "masterpieces" from last year. One of my friends that sat near me and saw my sketches said I should print them and sell them. Haha! But really, some things are just for me. 

I also love to sketch. Sometimes more than others. Sometimes I just get the urge to draw, and so I do. I think it's something that I should do more, because I don't want it to be something I "used to do." I truly do not mean to sound conceited, but I think that drawing is one of my natural talents that I would like to continuously nurture. I remember a friend in high school (who was an amazing realistic artist) say, "I can draw anything from a picture, but I can't just see something in my head and put pencil to paper." For me, drawing is a way to express my imagination. To create. 


  1. how cool! nice work. I like the third one the best... it's okay to choose a favorite doodle, right? Proud doodlers unite!

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by! And of course it's OK to choose a favorite :)

  3. My mom doodles when she's on the phone too...but I definitely did not inherit anything like THIS :) You are so talented, hun! I love the second one. It seriously looks like it IS printed, which disgusts me in a loving I-wish-I-could-do-that way.


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