Anniversary Trip: Sacramento 2011

For our first anniversary, we decided to take a trip to Sacramento, CA: aka TJ's mission. TJ spent two years of his life in the Sacramento area, a time during which he learned and grew, and became the man of my dreams. Without those two years, we may have never met, and probably would never have gotten married. Needless to say, we were very excited for this trip (especially TJ).

The morning of our flight, we woke up at about 3:45 am. We got ready and drove to the airport for our 6:15 am flight out of Sky Harbor. We were tired, a little stressed, but happy. We were really lucky to be able to use buddy passes and fly for half the cost. 

TJ took my camera and had some fun.

Once we got to the Sacramento International Airport, we had three hours to wait around before our ride could come pick us up and take us to the car rental place. We had a really good salad, I messed around with the camera, and TJ worked on homework. Lame, I know. The bottom right picture is of one of the pillars down by baggage claim. Apparently this airport is known for these pillars (if you can't tell, it's a baggage cart filled with luggage).

After getting our rental ('11 Corolla...ironically the same car TJ drove on his mish), we headed to Midtown Sac for lunch. TJ's been raving about Jack's Urban Eats since we started planning this trip, so of course we had to go. It was sooo good. Probably my favorite place we ate out at (and trust me, we ate out a lot). We ordered the chicken club sandwich (it had avocado on it) and an order of garlic fries. Sooo good! I've heard their salads are really good too.

[Pictures from top left to bottom right: Beatles table No., me with a food baby, store front, cool mural, cool lighting, yummy garlic fries]

I'm not sure what day this was, but at one point in the day, we drove through this neighborhood in Cameron Park (near Rescue, where we were staying). It had suuuuper wide streets, and these strange low signs. Can you guess why?

This neighborhood is an airpark! We didn't actually see any planes land or take off, but it was crazy to see planes parked in front of garages next to cars. And the garages were huge! Definitely a cool sight to see.

The sexy lady in the top left picture is the one-and-only Sharon Benton (of Studio B Photo). She and her husband (bottom right) were our gracious hosts. We slept on their super-comfy sectional, they fed us, and we had lots of fun hanging out with them in our "down time." Amazing family. 

Sheri (top right) is one of TJ's converts. She actually didn't get baptized until after he left the area, but he helped teach her. She is an amazing lady with the biggest heart. She is an incredible artist (we have one of her pieces in our home) and she recently adopted that spunky little girl in her arms, Shanice. 

The Harris's (bottom left) were in another of TJ's areas and we had a good visit with them. They fed TJ a lot of dinners while he was in their area.

[I was going to do one huge post for the entire trip, but I decided to split the trip into a few different posts. It has literally taken me days to put together, and I'm still not done. I'll post one or two parts a day. Enjoy!]

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