I have so many other things I need to post about, but I think the death of a family member takes priority.
This is my family's dog, Whisper. She's a Miniature American Eskimo. We've had her since her mommy, Mishi, gave birth to her over 15 years ago. I named her. 

She was the runt, so she was tiny and we thought the name suited her. Then she grew up and rarely stopped barking. My cousins all complained that we mis-named her. Unlike her mom, Whisper only had one litter of 5 puppies, three of which survived. Two boys, one itty-bitty girl. We kept her baby girl and named her Liberty (because she was born shortly after September 11, 2001). 

Like her mom before her (who we had since before I was born), Whisper was always there for me. I loved to just go outside and pet her and talk to her. Dogs seem to know intuitively when something is wrong. I remember crying with Whisper's head and paws in my lap numerous times. I used to get grossed out a little when she'd lick my arm up and down while I petted her. And now I'll miss those precious little moments together.

When I was too lazy, or had things in my hands, I'd usually slip off my flip-flop and rub her belly with my foot. But she loved it so much that eventually I'd bend down to give her some real love.

Within the last few months, Whisper's age really started to show. She developed cataracts and it was getting hard for her to hear and she was stiffening up in her joints. Despite that, Mom said that tonight when she fed Whisper and Libby dinner, Whisper was jumping up and down like she used to, and was excited. 

I'm glad that I took a little bit of time to be with her when we were in Mesa this last weekend, to pet her and rub her belly and tell her for the thousandth time what a good girl she was. For some reason, this is harder for me than when Mishi ran away in a storm and never came home. I know that she's no longer in any pain, and I'm glad that she didn't suffer for too long. Gosh, I'm such a dog person.

I love you, Whisper. I'll see you later, girl.


  1. Thank you Kylie, for this wonderful tribute to Whisper =)

  2. What a sweet dog--she looks so cheerful:) This post is touching, I'm sure she was very loved.

  3. So sorry your little puppy passed...it is sorrowful and sad to see a longtime pet leave this world...hope you are holding up. Loves.


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