the force.

TJ and I have just completed our viewing of the entire Star Wars Saga.
Confession: This was my first time watching Star Wars.
Plea: Guilty. 
Don't scream obscenities at the computer screen. I saw your jaw drop.
Ruling: So. incredible. I choose to use the word epic sparingly, but let us face the facts, these are truly an epic (as in: they are the true definition of the word). [are we sure there are only six?]

I loved that the plot was so strong, that even in the cases of slightly worse-than-average acting, the movies still held my attention and made me crave more. I loved the cheesy little moments even as I laughed at them. (Que Luke screaming "NOOOOOOOO!!" with an intense look of dread/disgust/anguish on his face.) I often found myself shouting at the TV screen, "Use the Force, Luke!"
 I loved both old and new. I enjoyed the love stories, the characters and their interactions. I am thoroughly enamored of the Jedi. I loved the symbolism and the classic good vs. evil conflict. We loved watching them much that we didn't want the fun to end and may or may not have purchased Lego Star Wars for the Xbox. In fact, at the end of Episode VI, TJ said, "Are they really over? I almost want to cry."

Let us just say, that if I had an infant right now, I would most definitely include this little number in his/her wardrobe:
Found here.

Now, may the Force be with you.


  1. Oh goodness... I love this post! :) So happy you finally watched all of Star Wars (even though I don't acknowledge the first three... meh) - it's such a classic American movie. Love it!

    And your future children are going to be particularly adorable, if they wear such apparel as this. ;)

    Best wishes from Mesa!

  2. The original 3 will always hold a place in my heart! =) I have not yet seen the "new" 3 episodes. Guess I'll have to repent and watch them, huh?
    I love you!

  3. P.S. Thought I should clarify. I do love the new first three... they just make me sad. That's why I love the originals - they have such a happy ending! :D

  4. Julie-you should have seen me at the end of Ep. III. I was fuming mad at Anakin. I knew what was coming, but it was still so sad to me!

    Mom-Yes. You should watch them.

  5. That is ADORABLE!!!
    Uncle Tim will be disappointed that you never watched the 2 trilogies before now, but I think you redeemed yourself! They are awesome movies! Spend a week with the Horton boys and you will know the movies/stories inside and out!

    miss u toots! Hope you had a great birthday!


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