red shoes.

my life is like this pair of red shoes right now.
they make me feel confident,
and ready for a challenge.

they represent change.
because I've never had shoes quite like these before.
they represent growing up (silly as that may sound).

they represent me taking chances.
they represent taking risks.
they represent me taking control of my life.
deciding what I want and who I want to be.
these little red shoes represent me
becoming a better me.

in my opinion, everyone needs a pair of "red shoes."


  1. i like these. I'd like to see them with an outfit.

  2. I've worn them with a few things. I like them because they have a small little heel, but not so high that I'm taller than TJ. I really like to pair them with a black pencil skirt or even just a pair of jeans for date night.


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