ohhh indy.

Around the same time that I got my wisdom teeth out, TJ and I watched the original Indiana Jones movies. I love good movies. Especially older ones. I just wanted to do a quick homage to the amazingness that is Indiana Jones. Classic.
I loved them. Oh, hi Harrison Ford! I mean, seriously?! Attractive and heroic? Yes please. I think he even pulls off the nerdy-glasses-to-rugged look very well. Better than Clark Kent. Before TJ starts to get jealous, I think that he makes a good Indy himself! In fact, I decided to let TJ be Indiana Jones for Halloween. I think there's already a resemblance there:

Guess we'll have to go back to Prescott and get that hat, huh babe?

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  1. Mac and I were just watching Indiana Jones yesterday! Yes, Indy is classic.


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