What Kylie Loves: The Dentist.

This may sound weird, but I like going to the dentist.

I do not like the poking, prodding, pain-inducing, uncomfortable instruments in my mouth.
I do like not feeling guilty that I haven't been in over a year.
I do like that Dr. Scott is really nice (he's in our ward).
I do like being able to get answers to the pain in my mouth.

However, dentists cost money. Who knew?
TJ and I have each been to the dentist twice in the last week.

TJ has a few more visits in his near future 
to clear up some gingivitis,
get fitted for a mouth guard to wear at night (when he grinds his teeth)
and to fill a couple of shallow cavities.

I got a general dental exam,
a cleaning,
and a shallow cavity filled.
I also met with an oral surgeon this week.
I'm getting all four of my lovely impacted wisdom teeth out in two weeks.
I'm going under....
And have to be under adult supervision for 24 hours following "the extraction."
(Oh, and I brilliantly scheduled my appointment for two days before I'm supposed to take the AEPA.
And everything works out best the way it is, so I just have to suck it up and pray really really hard that I will still perform well.)

We will now be getting regularly scheduled cleanings every 6 months, as recommended.
I love the dentist, because he helps keep our smiles happy and healthy.


  1. What cute freckly faces. Nice smiles too;)

  2. K...I'm just gonna say it...you are a FREAK!!!

  3. Thanks, Carissa!

    Apryl- I am not! I don't like going to the dentist, but I do like the results. Wouldn't have my smile if it weren't for the dentists/ orthodontists of my life.


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