What Kylie Loves: The Dentist.

This may sound weird, but I like going to the dentist.

I do not like the poking, prodding, pain-inducing, uncomfortable instruments in my mouth.
I do like not feeling guilty that I haven't been in over a year.
I do like that Dr. Scott is really nice (he's in our ward).
I do like being able to get answers to the pain in my mouth.

However, dentists cost money. Who knew?
TJ and I have each been to the dentist twice in the last week.

TJ has a few more visits in his near future 
to clear up some gingivitis,
get fitted for a mouth guard to wear at night (when he grinds his teeth)
and to fill a couple of shallow cavities.

I got a general dental exam,
a cleaning,
and a shallow cavity filled.
I also met with an oral surgeon this week.
I'm getting all four of my lovely impacted wisdom teeth out in two weeks.
I'm going under....
And have to be under adult supervision for 24 hours following "the extraction."
(Oh, and I brilliantly scheduled my appointment for two days before I'm supposed to take the AEPA.
And everything works out best the way it is, so I just have to suck it up and pray really really hard that I will still perform well.)

We will now be getting regularly scheduled cleanings every 6 months, as recommended.
I love the dentist, because he helps keep our smiles happy and healthy.

six values to teach my future children.

1. You are a child of God. He loves you.
2. Family = the best friends you'll ever have.
3. Treat those around you with love and kindness.
4. Work. You have to earn success.
5. Spend less than you earn.
6. Simplify...in all aspects of life.

I remember writing things in my journal about what I would want for my children and what I want to teach them. Of course, there are other things I want them to know, but I think this is a good start. I honestly believe that the world would be a better place if we could all remember these things.

one year.

I have so much catching up to do! For now, I'll start with our first anniversary. It's kinda crazy that' it's already been a year since these were taken:

images courtesy of Joseph Blech Photography.

Here we are one year later:
(That's the tie I got him for Easter. Also, I made TJ cut his hair yesterday. Sometimes I'm a demanding wife.)

It was a pretty low-key occasion, since May 15th fell on a Sunday this year. We made waffles with Cinnamon Roll Sauce (using this recipe, without cloves and on the stove) and bacon for breakfast. Then we exchanged gifts, went to church, came home, and made homemade pizza (including the dough). We topped it with olive oil, chopped garlic, mozarella cheese, pan-cooked chicken, and sausage. It turned out pretty amazing! We washed it down with some good ol' apple juice in our champagne glasses. 

One of TJ's gifts to me was an amazing cake he had a co-worker bake. It's a chocolate cake topped with about an inch of peanut butter mousse, all covered in a rich chocolate ganache. My cheesy reaction? "It's like a celestial version of a Reese's Cup." We're still snacking on it. (And of course I made TJ hold the cake outside for better light. I had to do this beauty some justice.)

I decided we should start a tradition of lighting a candle for every year of marriage. Guess this means we have to have a yummy dessert every year!

You might want to wipe that drool off now.

I loved that we kept things so simple. It was fitting. For our gifts, I gave TJ a book of all my blog posts that involved him from the time we first met until about April. No, it was not all of my blog. I put it together and printed it through Blurb, and it turned out beautifully. TJ put together a video using iMovie with pictures of the two of us since our dating days until present. We laughed when we realized how similar our gifts were. Both were very heartfelt and nostalgic. I love personal gifts more than anything else, and it was a truly beautiful day. I'm also looking forward to our bigger anniversary celebration in July, when we'll be flying out to Sacramento to visit TJ's mission. We appreciated those who congratulated us on our special day!

Our first year was not an easy one. But it was a year full of memories, experiences, and love. We're closer than ever and still learning. One of the songs TJ put on our video was "Then" by Brad Paisley. Its  lyrics describe perfectly how we feel about each other.

"And I thought I loved you then."

so you were looking for some free advice.

And I found some for you. Actually, this is not for anyone but me. 
*On a side note, I wouldn't recommend the yelling. It doesn't do any good.

TJ and I are approaching our first anniversary (of marriage). I've learned a lot about being married, about TJ, and about really being there for someone. Let me tell you, I have a long way to go in figuring out how to balance everything involved. I have a lot of selfishness to still kick out of my system. I'm by no means the perfect wife, or a perfect person (duh). And I knew from the start that TJ would not be perfect either. But, I have learned just how imperfect this thing called marriage can be sometimes. 

That doesn't mean that we don't have a good marriage. 
It doesn't mean we're unhappy. 
It's called life. 
Perfect guys really don't exist, but TJ is perfect for me. 
More importantly, we are constantly striving to be more perfect for each other. 

Marriage is not a one-time event. 
Marriage is a work-in-progress. 
Marriage is a journey, a journey that I am so grateful to be sharing with my husband, TJ. 
I love him with all that I am. 
He's not a perfect man, but he is a good man. 
He is dedicated. He is loyal. 
He works so hard. 
He makes me laugh, every day. 
He sometimes makes me cry. 
He sometimes makes me mad. 
He's my best friend.
He loves me, and he makes me happy. We make each other happy.

He's my man.


The Quitter

It's easy to cry that you're beaten and die;
It's easy to crawfish and crawl;
But to fight and to fight when hope's out of sight--
Why that's the best game of them all!
And though you come out of each grueling bout,
All broken and battered and scarred,
Just have one more try. It's dead easy to die,
It's the keeping on living that's hard.

-Robert W. Service

i am....

....supposed to be writing a paper that's due at midnight.
....in the midst of finals.
....lacking inspiration.
....sorry that this blog has been a snooze lately.
....hoping to get caught up soon and enjoy a two week "break" before my summer class starts.
....excited to announce that I got my placement for student teaching. I'll be teaching first grade.
....a new beauty consultant for Mary Kay.
....wishing I didn't have to wait until June for my photography class.
....looking forward to a fun and busy summer (with some relaxation thrown in, fingers crossed).
....now getting back to homework.