What Kylie Loves.

I always have and always will love

Target Clearance.

Exhibit A:

A super cute cardigan (my favorite) for less than $10. I love the pretty details and spring-ish color.

Score! Cardigans are usually $20+ full-price at Target.

Exhibit B:

Pretty earrings for less than $5 a pair!

A pretty good haul I'd say! Target has fabulous clearances in all of their departments. I have to be careful that I don't go too crazy when I'm in there. Oh, and here's a *tip* for you. I heard that Target usually marks things down on clearance on Tuesdays. Happy shopping!


  1. I totally just bought that sweater!!! I wore it the other day. I love the color and the details as well. :] And Target clearance is my guilty pleasure!nd Old Navy clearance is a close second though. I got a bunch of stuff there for SUPER cheap this last week. Shirts and belts and other great stuff!!

  2. Fun! And I love Old Navy clearance too....I just haven't been there in a while. Guess it's time for a shopping trip!

  3. Haha I have that sweater too! But mine is gray.... I can't exactly tell what color yours is. My sister gave it to me when she decided not to where it for my reception. Crazy!

  4. Mine's a minty turquoise-ish color. Great minds think alike....knowing us, Aubree probably has it too :)


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