story time.

Today I decided to share a couple of stories illustrating my amazing skills at injuring myself.

When I was in high school, I worked nights at a local restaurant, and got home after everyone else was in bed. This meant that the lights were all off. Usually, this wasn't a problem, since I know my way around my own house. However, one night, my mother had left her exercise trampoline in the middle of my walk-way. I unlocked the side door of the house, which opened right into the family room. I made my way towards the kitchen, only to be stopped when my ankles hit the low trampoline, and I lost all sense of control, landing sprawled on top of it. So gracious. It's just a shame no one saw it.

One morning, in college, I was in a rush to get to class (as usual) and was running down the stairs in my apartment wearing socks. Carpeted stairs + socks = no bueno. I slipped on a step towards the top of the stairs, flew into the air, landed hard on my backside, and slid down to the landing. It was so loud that all of my roommates came out of their rooms to see what was wrong.

Last night, I was putting away our luggage. We have this random cupboard above our closet, which is where we store our luggage. As I was standing on a kitchen chair to put it away, I lost my balance and fell backwards, practically onto the dresser. I still don't know how I didn't knock anything over. No bruises, just a scratch on my arm. I did feel old when I woke up stiff this morning, though....

A couple of other randoms:
Once, I tripped myself. Sitting down.
I bruise easily. I have bruises that I can't remember getting.
I've walked into low tree branches, doors, poles....numerous times.

Basically, I'm just talented at falling with style.


  1. I'm glad none of these "accidents" have resulted in permanent injury!!

  2. hahah goodness!! i have a friend exactly like you. she is a walking disaster!! but being clumsy is endearing =)

  3. Haha thanks! Luckily it's not all the time, but when I have my moments, boy are they moments!


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