spring break, part 2.

This is a little late getting on the blog, but as you can see from the volume of pictures, it was quite an effort to get it on here. 

Thursday night, Hannah came and spent the night with Kyndra. They had fun laughing at TJ's antics, while I attempted to sleep. The next morning, we headed out on a special getaway.

On the way from Flagstaff to Sedona, in Oak Creek Canyon, there's a freshwater spring that they've piped. It's delicious and cold water and we all enjoyed our taste.

But Sedona was not our destination today. No, we were headed to one of Arizona's little known treasures: a mining town called Jerome.
The sky was beautiful and gave me some gorgeous landscapes to photograph.

I don't normally like a lot of antique edits to photos, but it just suited this antique town and all of the old buildings. Jerome is built in the hills, and is literally falling off the hill in some areas.

I love cherry blossoms and textures.

It's all in the details.

That little shack I'm standing in front of? It's evil. Kyndra and TJ got a picture in front of it without incident. I stand in front of it and lose by balance, thereby gaining about 10 splinters in the palm of my left hand. Also, please note my amazing bangs blowing in the wind. Classy.

This popcorn was completely incredible. Pricy, yes. But uh-mazing. Caramel corn with marshmallows, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and walnuts. Holy cow. And the shop we bought it in smelled wonderful.

After we'd spent a couple of hours in Jerome, we drove another hour or so to Prescott, where we were meeting my parents to get Kyndra home.

Not too shabby for out-the-window-of-a-moving-vehicle photos.

TJ and I had decided to use this as an excuse to have a mini-vacation, and booked a hotel room at the Holiday Inn. We checked into the hotel, waited for my parents to get there, and then waited to go to dinner with them since it was still a little early.

After looking for a couple of places, we ended up eating at the Adirondack Cafe, located on Whiskey Row. The owner came out to talk to us and was really nice. The food turned out to be really good! The wait was a little bit long, because the owner is also the only cook, but it was well worth the wait. We shared some garlic bread and the chicken quesadilla. Good stuff.

We then walked around downtown Prescott a little. We went into a western store (isn't my cowboy hot??), and a little popcorn/ice cream shop called Young's Farm. I remember going to the actual farm when I was younger, but it's since been closed down and now they have this little shop. The best part? Free samples of everything. Flavored popcorn. Ice cream. Different types of brittle and fudge. They'll let you try anything!

Another fun story....the picture on the bottom left. There was a man near the courthouse, who noticed my camera. He came up to us and asked if we'd like to see Emily, his pet owl that he'd had to set free when he got to the US from Austria. We were somewhat taken aback by his forwardness, but obliged him. I think the shot turned out pretty cool. Then he asked if I had a permit to take pictures of the courthouse. Ummm.....no. I just said, "No, but I'm not going to sell them." He laughed it off, and we weren't really sure if he was crazy or not.

Afterwards, my parents headed home and we decided to do a bit more exploring. We went to Red Robin later because we were hungry again (we'd skipped breakfast and lunch), and also to Wal-Mart because I'd forgotten to pack deodorant for TJ. The next morning we ate the hotel's continental breakfast, and enjoyed a little time in the indoor spa and pool. We went downtown one last time to see what we could see, and we saw some legit cowboys walkin' down Sheldon St (which happens to be my brother's name).

All in all, it was a really fun weekend and the perfect end to Spring Break. We got to create some great memories with each other, and with family. I love my family so much!


  1. umm...I LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY skills! Girl you are amazing. I'm glad you guys had fun and still looking forward to a double date in Flag. Maybe we'll pay you to do some family pictures while we're at it...because of your awesomeness of course!

  2. i loove all your pictures! and i love the black headband you were wearing! it was adorable!

  3. Bailee: Thank you so much. I'm seriously so flattered. And yes, a double date is necessary. And I would love to take pictures of your family, but since I'm still pretty inexperienced and have a lot to learn, I'd be happy to do so for free.

    Juhee: Thanks for stopping by! I love it when new people comment on my blog. And I made my headband, so thanks for the compliment :)

  4. Wow, so many pretty pictures! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun:) You'll have to teach me how you arrange your photos in those quads on the page, because recently I haven't even been able to put two side-by-side :S

  5. Carissa, I use Picasa. It's a free download if you don't have it already. There's a collage making tool. I love it because I can display lots of pictures, without making my posts super long. Hope that helps!


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