Hello bloggers! Sorry I've been MIA for a while. Truth is (while I did lose my camera cord), I just haven't felt much like blogging. Sometimes, I just get in a rut. But I'm back, with some exciting news.

TJ got a motorcycle.

Now, before you call us crazy, hear me out. I'm not as nervous as some wives because I've pretty much grown up on motorcycles. My dad has had them pretty much constantly my whole life. TJ's also grown up riding dirt bikes and quads (which I know are different, but not so different that it's completely new). Also, can you say 90 miles per gallon? Hello savings on gas. Plus, I'm a huge believer in living your dreams. TJ's always wanted a motorcycle. And, he looks dang hot on it.

This was his face when my dad called to tell him they'd found and picked one up for a great price. How could I say no to a face like this?

Or this?

I mean, he was so excited he could barely keep his eyes open!

The deal included two helmets and a riding jacket. Perfect! It's a Ninja 250, which is plenty of bike for him. And, its color will not be ignored anytime soon. That's a plus when nobody sees motorcycles! It also has a really loud exhaust, which we were going to change, but decided it will be better because if people hear him, they'll look out for him. I won't lie and say that I don't worry, but I trust him not to do anything stupid, and I know he'll be just fine.

He's still getting comfortable with it, but when he does, you bet I'll be riding on back. I'm so excited for him and that we've been blessed to let him do something he loves. So if you see him riding around town, wave and please tell everyone you know to watch for motorcycles! (And regular bikes, because we know my track record with those....)

PS. The title of this post comes from my cousin, who called motorcycles "momos" when he was little.


  1. Oooh! My brother has a motorcycle like that. I think it is a LITTLE different, but it is as this one. He has a Kawasaki Ninja! :D

  2. oeee! My brother has a Kawasaki Ninja, just as green as this one!!

  3. What a coincidence!! So fun :)


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