I had an interesting dream last night.
All of my dreams are weird, and sometimes they're so weird that I wake up feeling weird.

But last night, I dreamed that I had a baby.
Of course, some things were a little off, because my dreams are never like reality.
But he was a beautiful baby boy.
He had bright eyes, and curly hair the same color as mine.
And we loved him.

I woke up happy.


  1. Oh how cute! Maybe its sayin something. hint hint nudge nudge! JK i can be a patient aunt for a little longer! I updated the blog just for you!Love ya and cant wait to see you soon!
    Love your fav sister

  2. I once dreamt we had a baby that was a look-alike to Little David. It was so weird to see the real Little David in my dream and then look down into my arms and see a younger version.

    Then when I was actually pregnant, I was reading Breaking Dawn (from the Twilight series) and dreamt that we were vampires and that I had given birth to a vampire baby. But we were happy so the vampire thing was ok.


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