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First of all, I want to thank everyone for their sweet comments on the giveaway post.
This blog has come to be a part of me, and I'm so glad that it accomplishes what I hope it does.
I'm truly flattered and humbled and honored to be friends with such amazing people.

I hope you're all along for the ride, because I've decided to add a new series. This series will be a weekly post, done either on Thursday or Friday, featuring what I'm currently lovin' on. Be it a person, place, restaurant, blog, website.....

This blog is called "Love Always," right?? So I'm showing some things that I love, and maybe you'll love them too. Maybe, if my hopes and dreams come true, I'll be able to have a favorite blogger do a guest post sometime. So, without further ado, I present the first "What Kylie Loves" feature post--thing.

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Recently, I've found a new addiction. That addiction is HGTV, the Home & Garden Network.
I mean, just look at this screen shot from their website....I love the web design, first of all. Second, look at all of the ideas! DIY headboards? Those are all over design blogs right now. And quick & easy ways to redo your bathroom. It makes me want a house of my own. Right. Now.

I've found that I have a few favorite shows. Those are the ones focusing on interior decorating. I love decorating. I was so excited to have my own apartment to decorate (and slightly disappointed by that apartment). In fact, the fabric wall-art I made was inspired by a show I saw on HGTV. 

If you have cable (we only do because we live on campus), here are some of my favorite shows you should check out:

This show gives a lucky person a "cheap" room makeover...and lots of tips for viewers!

Not only is she gorgeous and gracious and I would love to meet her, but she has amazing design ideas. She also gives lots of tips, and some budget-friendly ideas.

This guy really thinks about how color impacts the mood of a room. I like his approach to his clients' projects, and I almost always love his room makeovers. Lots to do with how paint affects a room. (And if you didn't know, paint is usually the cheapest way to drastically change a room.)

House Hunters
It's fun to see the different houses and think about what I would choose. 

If you don't have cable, click on the links and still get tons of inspiration! They have lots of video clips and pictures. I hope you find something you love :)

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  1. Oh, girl. I have been obsessing over HGTV for YEARS. It is my favorite channel, the ONLY channel, in my mind. You will be hooked for life, I guarantee it!! :D


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