spring break.

Our break started with a little trip down to Mesa. Partly to see my family, partly to go to Rachel's wedding. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. 

It was so good to see family and old friends. When we came home, we got to bring little sister Kyndra with us. Except I can't really call her little, since she's taller than me now. 

The weather was really nice for most of the week. We ate lunch outside. She doesn't like to make normal faces in pictures....wonder where she gets it.

Mmm....chicken salad and Doritos.

We had fun hanging out, watching movies on Netflix, and crafting. TJ didn't get to join many of our adventures because of work. We missed him lots, but we did have fun girl time.

Our week ended with a little adventure out of town....but that is for another post. :)

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