somewhat boring.

Tonight was somewhat boring.
Our night began with a delicious dinner with the missionaries (pulled pork tacos.....I used the recipe found here). After they left, we just hung out and snuggled and talked, when TJ fell asleep.
While he took a little nap (those late nights at work really take it out of him), I made the brownies that we forgot to make for the missionaries (don't worry, we promised to bring them some on Sunday).
Um....they were turtle brownies. Need I say more? Divine. The pan is half gone. With two of us eating them.

Anywho. TJ woke up after his dad called him, and by that time it was too late to leave for the movie on campus we were maybe going to see. So began our search. We scoured Netflix, to no avail. Our personal collection held no interest. TJ was too out of it to go to the Redbox, and my suggestions just weren't clicking for him. I will admit I got kind of frustrated. There wasn't anything on TV that both of us wanted to watch. So I wound up on my computer (even though I'd already read everything in my reader) and TJ played some Xbox. 

Well, I got bored on the comp real fast....then I had a brilliant idea! TJ's hair was due for the buzzers about two weeks ago, but we haven't gotten around to it. It was the perfect length to play with! I broke out the gel and hairspray, and started playing. Other than the fumes and complaints of getting hairspray on his arm (?) he rather enjoyed the comb and my fingers running through his hair. Documented proof:

His game face.

 I did many different styles. This is just one.

Weapons of choice.


 Self-timer, out-of-focus, self portrait. Hair stylist of the hour. (Oh look! Vitamins and spices!)

And that, my friends, is how I entertain myself on a somewhat boring Friday night.
(And overuse parenthesis in a blog post.)

(Disclaimer: I love being with TJ no matter what we're doing. Tonight was just not very eventful.)
(That's life.)


  1. haha.. this made me laugh out loud. Thank you.


  2. Glad it made you laugh! Thanks for stopping by!


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