room decor.

Our apartment consists mainly of brick walls. We aren't allowed to drill into said walls, which makes decorating somewhat difficult. Even picture-hanging strips don't stick takes twice as many as it should to hold things up because the bricks are porous.

Apartments = Annoying

This situation has forced me to get creative. Our bedroom was previously the barest room in our home. I decided to do a picture collage between the two windows. I cut the monogram out of scrapbook paper on my mom's Cricut. Then I mounted 4x6 and 5x7 photos on foam poster board (so it would be lightweight). I then stuck everything to the wall using Elmer's tack (it's orange, sticky clay-like stuff). 

The wall above our bed is the largest space, and while this project didn't fill the space, I think it brings a nice splash of color into our room, and ties in with our beautiful handmade wedding quilt, which I will post a picture of shortly. For this one, I took a 12x12 square of foam poster board and glued a double-layered 10x10 square in the middle, to create a beveled edge. Then I wrapped them and stapled the fabric to the back. These I did use 3M picture strips to hang, but since they're so light I figured they would hold pretty well (I only used one per square).

Do any of you have cute ideas for decorating an apartment?

(PS, why yes I did use my new camera for these!)


  1. Kylie, you just amaze me. This is all GENIUS! So cute and so affordable. I'm in love!! Gosh, you're so creative.

  2. Thanks! That's what I love...cute and affordable.

  3. so cute! I love the fabric boards! The colors are great! And I am jealous of your incredibly bummed about mine...


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