Sometimes, you feel like a change, so you get bangs.
I haven't had straight-across bangs since I was, oh, about 8.
This time though, I don't rat them to staggering heights. Gotta love the '90s.
I like the change, but I'm still getting used to the fringe in my eyes.

In other news, I just finished reading my third novel of the year. I had a goal to read six.
I really should know myself better, and should've set a higher number,
But at least I'll feel good about myself when I exceed my goals!

The book I just finished is called Meg's Melody.
It's written by LDS author Kaylee Baldwin, who happened to grow up in Mesa.
A really good, fairly fast read (started it this morning at work, finished it tonight, not reading non-stop).
It's not your typical LDS novel, even if some of the characters can be cliche at times.
I actually loved, and it had a lot of emotion. I [like] emotion.

I have some other exciting news.
I got a new (used) camera! I'm having lots of fun with it, but I still need to get a memory card reader.
That's why the above picture is from a webcam, and there haven't been any new pictures lately.
I will update with lots of photos soon, hopefully!
(The camera is a Canon 20D, if anyone cares to know.)

That's all.


  1. SO cute! Bangs are a great look for you Kylie! :) Lucky...

  2. Exciting about your new camera! I didn't know you were into photography! Your bangs look adorable <3

  3. Jacquie: Thanks! I wasn't sure if I could pull them off, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    Brittany: It is exciting! And I've been into photography as a hobby for a few years now, but haven't had a really nice camera until now. This one is 5 years old, but it works fine for me. And thanks!

  4. Haha, 3 books a year would be a good goal for me right now, because even though during winter break I was so book-thirsty I was reading 3 at once, I wasn't quick enough to finish any of them before school started, and have made little progress since then. It does feel like a good time for a change, doesn't it? My sister and I have plans for her to cut my hair this week:)

  5. LOVE your hair! You looked super cute!
    PS: Did you know Kaylee Baldwin is Lyndsie's older sister? I need to read that book too :)

  6. Thank you! And what a small world! I borrowed the book from my mom, who borrowed it from her friend, who went to high school with Kaylee. I heard she's writing another one.

  7. Oh you look darling with the bangs!!!

  8. Can't imagine how you find time to read novels when you are so busy with school. I have been reading 1-2 books a month and am loving dipping into other genres that I normally probably wouldn't get in to. Want some ideas, let me know!
    Oh, and I LOVE the bangs. but, I think I told you that already!

  9. Well.....I read that one on Spring Break. And truth be told, I put off the school work sometimes to give myself some pleasure reading. For shortish novels, I average about two days each, so it really isn't taking up too much time right??


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