love: sunbeams.

I don't have a picture of them,
but I teach three of the cutest kids in Flagstaff.
They are my Sunday School class (all in a 3-4 year-old age group; called Sunbeams)
and I love them.

The Sunbeams are so full of energy
and sometimes they have trouble sitting still
or following along....
....but most of the time, I'm in awe of the beautiful spirits I'm blessed
to spend a couple hours with each week.

Today I told a story about Jesus Christ blessing the little children.
[We were talking about how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us.]
When I finished the story, one of the little girls looked at me,
her blue eyes slightly widened,
and a smile on her face,
and asked, "Will you tell that story again?"

I was taken aback for half-a-second,
and I said, "Actually I'm going to tell you another story just like it."
I then proceeded to tell the story about Jesus Christ blessing the Nephite children,
after his Resurrection.
This story gives me the chills, to think of Christ blessing each of the little children,
and then angels coming from heaven, to minister and bless them as well.
It is such a sacred story.

As I looked into their bright faces, I could imagine Christ looking into those faces,
and calling each of them by name, to gather near him...
To let them touch His hands and face and hair,
To let them pat His cheeks as He holds them on His knee,
To take those precious ones and bless them.
Oh, I know that they would love Him, that they do love Him.
They know Him, just as He knows them.
These little children are not far from His presence,
And they know His Spirit.

I know that while they may wiggle and squirm,
my Sunbeams know that Jesus loves them. And they love to hear stories of Him.

"And he spake unto the multitude, and said unto them: Behold your little ones." [3 Ne. 17:23]


  1. Hey Kylie! Ok so you may not know me but I grew up in the same ward as Aubrey and TJ. Somehow I stumbled onto your blog and it is adorable. I don't mean to be stalkerish. :) Anyways, I think my sis-in-law Ali Seaman said you guys are my niece's sunbeams teachers. Is Alisain your class? Thanks for the sweet post. And thanks for being such great teachers.

    I have a blog too if you want to get to know us so it's more of a two way thing. :)
    It's private but if you email me your email address I can invite you!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Bethi. Alisa is in my class! She's actually the one that wanted me to tell the story again :) I'll send you an email!


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