love: food.

For some reason, watching the food network makes me hungry.
(Go figure.)

So, I thought about my last meal.

I think it would include:
Guac & Chips (Chipotle)
Sweet Pork Burrito, smothered (Costa Vida)
Orange Chicken (Panda Express)
French Fries & Fry Sauce (Nielsen's)

And for dessert:
Red Velvet Frozen Yogurt (almost anywhere)
Hershey's Bliss

At least that's what my culinary experiences have led me to crave thus far in my life.
I must have a thing for things I can't have very often.

*** * ***

Dear Flagstaff,
Thanks for the Chipotle.
I heard a rumor about a Panda Express...
Now, what can you do about Costa Vida?
Then you'd be almost perfect.

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